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NTHP Update

Post by MANGEKYO on Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:36 pm

NTHP Update [2.12]  3/8/2017

My apologies that the game is not hosted at this moment, as it will be as soon as it possibly can. I apologize if I am very selective on finding a host and also having trouble sending host files as the file is freakingly large making some websites useless to use for free. But I am currently working on this source daily, fixing bugs, errors, and working on clans to hopefully bring back the popularity. Big Thanks for understanding, I will be seeing you guys soon.

Added Uchiha District at bottom right of the Leaf Village.
Added Uchiha NPCs at Uchiha District.
Indra's, and Fukaku's Mangekyou Sharingan selectable for custom Uchiha.
New Jutsus added for Path clan. Chakra Sticks to click on map to move their locations, 6 Path Of Peins, and Summoning one pein only out of the 6. Each Pein has a jutsu to use.
Map Updates, Hidden Leaf Village, Rice Field removed, Waterfall added to the right of Uchiha District. NPCs in different locations.
Fixed Samurai bug where Samurai's attack each other. (Beware...)
Samurais now spawn after being defeated.
Namikaze clan now playable.
Samurai clan now playable.
Icon Updates for Mangekyou, Eternals, Rinnegans, Tenseigan, and Byakugan.
Amaterasu spawns longer.
With Medic you can receive Sharingan, and Senju DNA as well as Transplant them into anyone.
New Missions has been added.
Senju DNA recovers health and chakra slowly, also wont blind with Mangekyou Sharingan active.
Senju Clan selectable as it is hopefully not buggy.

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